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joydad-195x3002This is my Dad, Bill. In October 2013, my sister and I, while grieving for our mother who had recently passed away, began an experience that many of you have had. We started serving as caregivers for our dear father. There is not a sweeter person in the world, but with his various incapacities, severe macular degeneration, dementia, we had our hands full.

We have learned a lot in all this time.

We are not alone. You are not alone.

One of the things we learned was that we are not alone. According to a AARP June 2015 Report called “Caregiving in the U.S.” there are about 34.2 million Americans who had provided unpaid care to an adult of over 50 years of age in the 12 preceding months.

In my research, I found very little objective and unbiased information about aging and caring for a Senior. I came to realize that much of the challenge was not always medical. It was about helping someone create a life that is meaningful to him or her. My interests would not become their interests. I was there as support not as a boss.


The idea for SeniorsMatter.com was born from seeing that no member organization for caregivers exists. Information on senior care was dispersed among many websites, and it was not easy to tell where the information was coming from or if it had a subliminal slant to it that favored a particular product, service or facility. I often found that the information on a website was from a company or firm offering or introducing a product or service for sale.

Benefits of joining SeniorsMatter.com

We strive hard at Seniors Matter to show our members high-quality products and services rom our sponsors in which we have no financial interest. Our members and visitors receive a weekly newsletter with thoughtful articles and advice on how to be a better caregiver for Seniors. We also carry entertaining and touching stories about the life we live and share as caregivers. My favorites are usually about a new community program that helps seniors and their families.

Once you register to join SeniorsMatter.com you are able to post your questions, participate in discussions and share your experiences with other caregivers. Starting soon, we will offer online training through web seminars led by recognized experts. Our first web seminar is on February 18 on the vitally important subject, “Safety and Fall Prevention in the Senior Home”. You will not want to miss this valuable and timely learning event – and it’s no cost. Register here now.

We hope you enjoy being an active part of SeniorsMatter.com. We are making a mark in this growing field of senior care. We welcome your comments and suggestions at info@seniorsmatter.com

Thank you.