Tissue Paper Mosaics: A Beautiful and Fun Senior Activity for All

Activities for Seniors
Tissue Paper Mosaics

Make a plan to let your seniors enjoy making these beautiful tissue paper mosaics.  It is a simple, colorful craft that is enjoyable and easy to do. The vibrant colors engage the senses and the process is relaxing and encourages brain activity.

This project is a form of art therapy, and can help produce positive emotions, and give participants a way to creatively express themselves.

Supplies Needed

  • 1 package of white cardstock, 8.5 x 11 / 80 lb
  • Tissue paper squares
  • Mod Podge (Glossy)
  • Foam paint brushes ( 1’’)
  • Small paper plates
  • one brush/ project per participant


Before starting the tissue paper mosaics, you will need to prepare the materials. Print out a variety of templates onto the cardstock paper. Here are some for download:  CLICK HERE Some ideal shapes are hot air balloons, kites, diamonds, or hearts. Cut up several sheets of tissue paper into small quarter-sized squares. You will need lots of squares. This is time-consuming, so can be as a separate prep activity, or as a task for volunteers to complete with the resident’s help. Choose bright colors. Use a large clear container to store the tissue paper squares so they will be ready for future projects.


Step 1:

Set each resident up with a project. Have a paper plate with the tissue paper squares within reach. Pour the mod podge on a second plate (it helps if the plate is colored so they can easily see it.)

Step 2:

Apply a thin layer of mod podge to a small section of the project.

Step 3:

Press tissue squares one at a time onto glued area.

Repeat until all the white areas are covered.

Step 4:

Apply a very thin layer of mod podge on top to seal the project. Allow it to dry flat.

Enjoy these Tissue Paper Mosaics

The finished project can be hung on the wall as it, cut out and displayed or cut into a fun shape or letter as a door hanger or an accessory for walkers and wheelchairs.

Tissue Paper Mosaics 1
Supplies collected
Tissue Paper Mosaics 2
Ready to start


Tissue Paper Mosaics 3
Putting Paste On
Tissue Paper Mosaics 4
Laying out tissue pieces.
Tissue Paper Mosaics 5
Finished balloon


Tissue Paper Mosaics 6
Cut out and ready to hang ball.
Tissue Paper Mosaic 7
Completed and ready to hang letter “S”.