Reminder Rosie: Personal Reminder Technology for Aging in Place

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 Elderly people who desire to age in place sometimes find themselves presented with a unique challenge. While they are physically able to perform many routine daily tasks, they find themselves continually forgetting to do them. Forgetting something minor, such as going out to get the paper, only results in a small irritation. However, forgetting something crucial such as taking certain medications at certain times can be very dangerous and even deadly.

To this end, the creators of Reminder Rosie have made it possible to age in place without running the risk of forgetting important things. What’s more, Reminder Rosie relieves the burdens of caregivers and frees them to concentrate on other, more important, things. This personal reminder technology makes life easier all around.


The Personal Reminder Technology Is Easy to Use

Reminder Rosie looks like a simple alarm clock. However, hiding behind the simple façade is the latest in personal reminder technology. Reminder Rosie allows a caregiver to record reminders in his or her own voice and set them to be broadcast at certain times. Caregivers can elect to broadcast a reminder only on one day or on multiple days (and times).

Even better, Reminder Rosie does not have all the buttons and knobs of most highly functional personal reminder technology. Instead, a caregiver may simply start speaking to the device. The personal reminder technology is highly adaptable to human syntax. It is able to evaluate spoken language in much the same way people do. Reminder Rosie will then create and put into effect whatever reminders are necessary.

What’s more, Reminder Rosie is not just for English-speaking caretakers and elderly people. This personal reminder technology allows reminders to be created in any language. This helps elderly people who may be more comfortable with reminders in their native tongues.


Reminder Rosie Has Backup Features

Remembering to take medications at the appropriate time is not a need that goes away with a power outage. To this end, Reminder Rosie has power backup to keep important reminders flowing even when the lights go out.


Reminder Rosie Makes Life Easier for Caregivers too

This personal reminder technology was not developed just to make life better for elderly people. Reminder Rosie helps caregivers too. As is well known, caregivers have a tremendous amount of responsibility. Between providing the necessary care, cooking, cleaning, running errands, and whatever else is necessary, caregivers’ hands are full. Along with life’s other responsibilities, such as caring for children, juggling a career, and other commitments, many caregivers simply don’t have time to keep track of every pill, appointment, and other minor detail of an elderly loved one’s life. That’s where personal reminder technology can really help. Reminder Rosie remembers routine matters so caregivers can focus their energy on the many other demands upon them.

Finally, Reminder Rosie has one other benefit to caregivers. The personal reminder technology relieves them of feeling like they are nagging their elderly loved ones. Many caregivers feel they are constantly wheedling or annoying their elderly loved ones with constant reminders about this or that. By automating everything, the “nagging factor” gets taken out. Further, an elderly loved one will probably enjoy hearing a loving family member’s voice coming through Reminder Rosie. This is especially at times when the caregiver is not able to be with the elderly person physically.


Reminder Rosie Can Prolong Independence

It is a tragedy that so many elderly people who are otherwise perfectly capable of aging in place end up in nursing homes or assisted living facilities because of simple memory issues. Reminder Rosie can help elderly loved ones remain at home, where they would rather be. What’s more, family members can have peace of mind that this personal reminder technology helps keep their loved ones safe.

Reminder Rosie saves everyone from dealing with the clutter of sticky notes, pocket planners, and all the rest. The personal reminder technology simplifies life, both for caregivers and the elderly ones they care for.



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