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dementia patients

Should We Tell the Truth to Dementia Patients?

Caregivers, geriatric professionals, physicians, researchers, and loved ones of seniors with dementia have long been asking the same question: “Should you tell dementia patients...
Memory loss

Activities for The Elderly With Memory Loss

Caring for seniors with memory loss requires creativity and patience in activities to pass the time. Activities for the elderly should be engaging and...
Dementia Diagnosed

How is Dementia Diagnosed?

Dementia, like ‘cancer’, is one of those words that has almost become taboo because of the fear it strikes within us. Sadly, it is...
Managing Caregiver

Managing Caregiver Boredom

Caregiving is mentally and emotionally taxing, especially when the care is coming from a loved one. Family caregivers often put their regular lives on...
Brain Network

The Aging Brain: How Lower Connectivity Plays a Role

New research shows that brain network in the brain gradually become less interconnected and resistant to disruption as we age. The areas of the...
Visiting terminally ill patient

Visiting a Terminally Ill or Unresponsive Loved One

Visiting a loved one who is terminally ill, unresponsive, or struggling with cognition often challenges us to address complicated emotions. It is an unfortunately...
Light Therapy for Sundowning

Light Therapy for Sundowners

Caring for seniors with dementia might get a little easier with light therapy for sundowners. “Sundowners,” a term often used to describe aggression, agitation, changed...
Blythe Danner

Danner and Swank: Using Caregiver Experience in “What They Had” Roles

When Ruth (Blythe Danner) slips out in the middle of the night to wander the ice-cold Chicago streets, we know something isn’t quite right....
It is important to know what to expect at each stage to get the best type of coverage and care for an elderly loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

What Benefits does Medicare Provide for Alzheimer’s Patients?

What benefits can someone expect from Medicare for someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's? In addition to the emotional burdens and concerns an elderly loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease...




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