Memory Game Activity for Seniors

Memory Game Activity Boxes

Cereal Box Cut-Outs Memory Game Activity for Seniors

When it comes to boosting the memory, nothing works better than a memory game activity. Keeping your brain active and engaged may help guard against mental decline. Some researchers even believe stimulating brain activities can aid in generating new brain cells.  There are so many memory games available now on IPads, computers, and other electronic devices but we find that the tactile part of the games we present here are more fun and engaging than dealing with a machine.

We suggest following this up with an ice cream party with choices of some good cereal toppings such as granola, Cocoa Puffs, or Captain Crunch.

Who is this suitable for

Any senior with good eye site (even if corrected).  If a senior has any vision impairment, you can cut out the whole front of the box and use a larger area to lay out the pieces.

How many can participate

This can be for 1, 2 or more players.  Each table should not have more than 4 people.  Make more sets of cards  for other tables if you have more people. For each activity supervisor, assign them to no more than 3 tables depending on the cognition levels of your seniors.

What you will need

  • Cereal boxes
  • Scissors (or a larger hole punch)
  • Small prizes in a grab bag such as small candies, pens, small hand creams, other trinkets.  Make the prizes either yummy or useful.
  • Ice cream and about 3 cereal toppings (optional)

Getting Ready

Ask your caregivers or other employees to bring in empty cereal boxes (or other food boxes) that they have.  The brighter the colors, the better.  Even better if they are old favorites that 80 somethings will remember (Cheerios, Corn Flakes, etc.)


Step 1

Open and flatten out your old brightly colored cereal, and other food, boxes. Choose about 6 different solid colors and cut out 2 pairs of same-size squares or circles from each.

Memory Game Activity - Cards showing colors



Step 2

Gather your seniors.  This is best for tables of four or less.

Step 3

Lay out your cut outs colored side down.  Give instructions to the table, demonstrating as you go along:

“We are going to match these cards  like this.  First, you turn over a card.  Then, you turn over a second card to see if you got a match.  If you get a match, you choose a prize out of the grab bag. ”

Memory Game Activity Square Cards

Memory Game Activity Circle Cards

Step 4

Mix them up on the table then begin to play.

Step 5

As each person gets a match, offer them a chance to reach into the grab bag for a prize.

Step 6

Follow this up with an ice cream sundae with choices of cereal toppings.


This memory game activity can be set up for just one person.

We prefer to not turn this into a contest to see who gets the most cards, so collect the cards as they are matched.

Helping out those with more advanced memory issues is advised.

You can repeat several times if you have enough prizes but quit before they get bored.