Innovative Technology is Front and Center as Companies Set Sights on Senior Caregiving

aging in place

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week in Barcelona, several innovations in senior care and their families will be highlighted. The word “Mobile” does not fully describe the breadth of companies and products that wish to display their products and services to an eager public.

Tracking mom or dad and assuring that they are well alone in their home is a challenge to which many investment dollars are going today. Everything from devices that detect the presence of a human (or dog or cat?) to technology that can stimulate cognition and possibly delay dementia are two examples of new products that are arriving on the market for seniors and aging-in-place.

The MWC is an eye opening event on how globalized and fragmented the senior living market has become. The many players present opportunities to investors for mergers, combinations and acquisitions to gain market share, particularly in the U.S.

Here are some of the companies that will unveil products at the MWC this week:
(Note: The “Description” of each product is derived directly from the exhibitor site of the Mobile World Congress.)

  1. Smartbrain

Headquarters: SPAIN


“Smartbrain generates a high social impact by helping the elderly and anybody suffering cognitive impairment to slow down the loss of mental skills and to keep their autonomy and quality of life for longer, delaying the threshold of dependency.

We also help the healthcare system, families and caregivers to keep their quality of life and to get significant savings in the dependency costs.

Smartbrain is an interactive program for cognitive stimulation with proven therapeutic efficacy, featuring more than 34.000 exercises in english, spanish, italian and catalan, that can be used with tablets, smartphones and PC’s.”


  1. Doro AB

Headquarters: SWEDEN


“Doro develops telecom products and services for seniors to lead full and rich lives: to do things they want to do more easily. The global market-leader in senior mobile phone, Doro offers easy-to-use mobile phones and smartphones, mobile applications, fixed line telephony. Within Doro Group, Doro Care offers telecare solutions for elder and disabled persons for independent and safe living in their homes. Doro AB is a Swedish public company and its shares are quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange, Nordic List, Small Companies. Total revenue of SEK 1,959 million (EUR 205 million) was reported for 2016.”


  1. Adaptivecity

Headquarters: SPAIN


“We created Familyar, a social platform for connecting elderly and families with social and care organisations. Our goal is helping families, City Councils and organisations to keep elderly in their community longer decreasing demand on the system and improving physical and social well-being.
Familyar is based on videocall, messaging, tasks and medication management capabilities focused on mobile devices. We integrated Familyar with third-party sensor and wearable services providing flexible solutions for monitoring and following-up medical and ambient conditions.
Familyar is available as white label service. Platform capabilities (as videocall) are available for integrations on third-party applications for Android and iOS.”


  1. Essence

Headquarters: ISRAEL


“Essence is a global provider of IoT Connected-living solutions for tier-1 communication, security and healthcare service providers. With 23 years of experience and 20 million products deployed worldwide, we provide end-to-end services platforms including mobile Apps, management tools and hardware, as well as go-to-market services.
Essence is committed to developing solutions that enhance partners’ businesses and enable people to live fuller, better lives while remotely managing their day-to-day activities. Our award-winning Connected-Home and Connected-Eldercare solutions are modular and can be personalized to our partners’ business and operational needs with innovation, high quality and reliability as the core of our solutions.”


  1. Weenect

Headquarters: FRANCE


“Weenect’s essence has always been the family. The solution takes the form of tracking devices connected to a mobile application. What makes them different?
Firstly, they are the only one to address all family members through a single solution: kids, elders, dogs and cats.
Secondly, they provide a full service than just products : from the network to the hardware and the software.
Finally, they put quality over everything : with a 4.5/5 rating out of more than 500 opinions

Weenect currently has sold more than 15 000 trackers and has raised 1 million euros since its creation.”


  1. Genealth

Headquarters: SWITZERLAND


“We develop solutions and wearable for seniors with cognitive impairment ranging from Age Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI), to Alzheimer and Dementia. Our solutions cover a wide range of targets spanning professional, care center or at home assistance. Our products are fully secure and build with a strong emphasis on privacy.”