Good Gifts for the Elderly


    Everyone has an elderly relative or friend in their lives, and getting gifts for these people can sometimes be challenging. In some cases, the elderly person already has many material items that he or she might need; in others, due to advancing age, it is difficult to determine what may or may not be useful.

    Here are some gifts that are good for giving to those elderly people in your life.


    1. Food

    One thing every person on this planet has in common is that they need to eat. Elderly people may have lost some of their ability to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing and baking meals, but they still need to eat.

    Chances are the elderly person in your life has a favorite meal or dish that he or she likes. If he or she is no longer able to prepare it, you could take the time to prepare it for him or her. This will be much appreciated and will allow him or her to once again enjoy a favorite food.

    Do keep in mind that as you age your body might lose some of its ability to process certain types of food. To this end, before undertaking the task of preparing a favorite meal, you should probably check and make sure that the intended recipient will be able to enjoy it.

    Also remember that many elderly people live alone and do not eat as much food as a younger person would. If you are going to make a favorite meal or dish, you might want to consider prepackaging it into smaller servings which can be frozen separately and heated up a little at a time.


    1. Magazine Subscriptions

    Many elderly people have a great deal of time in their day that allows them to pursue leisure activities such as reading. If the elderly person in your life has an interest in a certain area, you may want to consider purchasing a magazine subscription for a publication dealing with this interest.

    Many magazines offer a large-print version, so if the elderly person in your life is beginning to lose his or her eyesight, you may want to consider inquiring as to the availability of this option. Alternatively, if he or she is losing the ability to see, but is still able to hear clearly, you may consider purchasing an audio book that you know he or she will enjoy.


    1. Your Time

    Remember that an elderly person is just that: a person. As such, the elderly person in your life will probably enjoy—more than anything else—some time with you. You could just sit with him or her on the porch and enjoy the sunset together, or you could choose to do something a little bit more practical and spend the time helping him or her with a task that old age has made difficult for him or her to do alone.

    Along this line in you might consider volunteering your services as a driver. When advancing age takes away a person’s ability to drive, it can result in a loss of independence and a great deal of frustration and even despair.

    Perhaps you could volunteer to take him or her on a shopping trip once or twice a month. This would enable him or her to take care of necessary shopping and preserve his or her sense of independence. Likewise, if you take the time to provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, you are able to provide a necessary service while at the same time finding a way to spend some time in the company of your loved one.



    Getting older brings with it its own set of unique challenges. By thoughtful planning and consideration when choosing a gift you can ensure that you provide something which is not only useful but greatly appreciated as well. Remember that you too will be old someday, and try to consider what you would appreciate in that situation.




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