Does the Mercury in Vaccines Contribute to the Early Onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

Mercury in Vaccines

Vaccines are wonderful things. Without them, we would suffer terribly from many horrible diseases. However, many vaccines contain mercury, and mercury has been linked to the development of dementia. Is there a link between vaccines and the early onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Mercury exposure

It is unquestioned that mercury exposure can lead to many of the same conditions as those seen in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Confusion, decreased cognitive function, and memory problems are all linked directly to long-term exposure to mercury.

Mercury is used as a preservative in many adult vaccines, including one that most people get on a yearly basis: the flu vaccine. Further, given that the amount of mercury is nearly 26,000 times as much as the amount of mercury allowed in drinking water (51,000 parts per billion and 2 parts per billion, respectively), some people are questioning whether the levels of mercury found in vaccinations may be directly contributing to an ongoing trend of people who are developing neurological issues at earlier stages in life.

Conflicting Evidence

While some experts believe that the mercury in flu shots—as well as mercury in environmental pollutants and even the mercury concentrated in some types of fish—is contributing to an epidemic of early Alzheimer’s and dementia, others downplay this concern and note that there is no concrete evidence linking vaccinations to Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions.

The Alzheimer’s Association, for example, actually suggests that regular vaccination may reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well as promoting better overall health for the recipient. The Association’s webpage has links to two separate studies on the matter. Both studies concluded that getting a regular vaccination against the flu and other diseases actually decreased participants’ chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who did not get a vaccination.

On the other hand, some doctors point to evidence that vaccinations, in addition to containing carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) contain sufficient levels of mercury to make them toxic to people. According to them, the mercury in vaccinations is not only more potent, but also more harmful than the types of mercury found in many fish. This type of mercury, it is claimed, accumulates in the brain with each passing year that someone receives a vaccination, resulting in significant neurological damage.

One report by a well-known immunogeneticist claimed a tenfold increase in the risk of developing Alzheimer’s in those people over the age of 55 who received a flu shot for five consecutive years. Another one noted that seven of the conditions typically found in Alzheimer’s patients can result from even extremely low levels of mercury in the brain tissue.

What can you do?

In the face of conflicting reports, it is difficult to determine what is the best course of action for your elderly loved one. On the one hand, you don’t want to do anything that would increase his or her chances of developing dementia. On the other hand, some diseases such as the flu can easily kill an elderly person, and deciding to skip a vaccination is a serious decision.

One solution—at least on the question of the flu vaccine—is to ask for a nasal-spray vaccination instead of a traditional injected one. The nasal spray vaccinations do not contain the mercury that is at the heart of the debate.

If you do decide to skip vaccinations in an attempt to preserve the cognitive abilities of your elderly loved one, there are still some things you can do to help prevent disease. First and foremost is to ensure that he or she is eating properly and getting plenty of exercise and rest. These activities alone act to boost immune levels and protect your elderly loved one.


There are conflicting claims as to whether the mercury in vaccinations can lead to the development of dementia. When making a decision for your loved one, be sure to thoroughly investigate the matter and consider whether there may be other ways to protect his or her health.


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