Caregiving Books: Our Favorites

Books to read about caregiving.

Books are nice to reach for when you may be facing a particularly difficult time.  To know that someone else has gone through something similar or is willing to share their thoughts on how to enhance the life of a senior can be extremely comforting.  These books recognize caregivers who work diligently to provide loving care for their elderly loved ones and these books should be on the reading list of all caregivers and families of seniors for inspiration and encouragement.

Unforeseen Journey

This poignant work by John Roche details a ten-year journey through the caregiving world. The author spent a decade caring for his mother in his home as she moved through the final stages of life. His account captures everything caregivers experience daily.

From the love for his mother to the frustration and stress he endured, Roche recounts how his caregiving experience shaped him in a balanced and fair picture of the ups and downs of caregiving.

Brighten A Senior’s Day (3rd Edition)

Angelika Schwarz brings her third book in a popular series for caregivers. Filled with uplifting and encouraging poems, the book is designed to be shared with elderly loved ones. It is used by caregivers who seek ways to connect with their elderly loved ones. They may read an entry together and spend time discussing it. All entries are short to make them easily enjoyed even by seniors who are struggling with attention and memory challenges.

A Cookbook for Caregivers: A caregiver’s guide to cooking healthy meals that support brain health in seniors, children and even yourself

This cookbook by Janet Laidler is excellent for more than just delicious recipes. It provides an honest discussion of managing time for planning meals, going grocery shopping, cooking and serving the food.  All caregivers will recognize the time constraints it discusses and will appreciate the tips and insights the author brings out.

The author recognizes that people favor certain kinds of food regardless of how healthy it may be. She offers healthier alternatives to traditional comfort foods, such as using applesauce instead of oil when baking certain dishes. Caregivers will appreciate that sometimes elderly loved ones and their children will not want to eat food that tastes like “healthy” food. They will appreciate the author’s ability to bring healthy variations of traditional foods that might not otherwise be so healthy.

The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare

Written from two perspectives—of a daughter who fights to keep her parents out of modern healthcare pitfalls and of a geriatrician who offers valuable strategies to help her in her quest—this book is for anyone concerned about the outcome if his or her elderly loved one is lost in the modern healthcare system.

While some of the best healthcare ever is now available, most people recognize that our healthcare system can be confusing and challenging. The authors intended that this book serve as an aid to those who want to utilize the benefits of modern healthcare without the confusion and drawbacks that our society uses to deliver the healthcare. By empowering readers, the authors aim to facilitate change in the healthcare delivery system and ease the passage of elderly people through their final years.

Choosing a Caregiver: Expect the Best and Know How to Ask for It

Haley Lynn Gray writes this eye-opening book on the strategies and tactics caregivers can employ when it is time to get professional help for elderly loved ones. Gray shows caregivers what to look for and what to avoid in a professional caregiver. She empowers caregivers who seek help in providing the good care their elderly loved ones desperately need.

The book also explores the changes caregivers and their elderly loved ones experience in their relationships with one another. It provides encouragement and tips to caregivers on adjusting to the changes. Sometimes, understanding that one is not alone is a very important thing.