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Understanding Elderly Depression and … Happiness

Happiness and contentment are important to a quality, purposeful life. What makes people feel happy and content is different for each person and often...
Elderly Depression

Elderly Depression and Other Indicators of Well-Being

For many caregivers, prediction and planning are two of the most powerful tools used to maintain high-quality care for seniors. The Federal Interagency Forum...

Is it Dementia or Depression? Checklists to Tell the Two Apart

As someone ages, things change in the person’s body and mind. He might start to think slower or make mistakes; she may just seem...
Life Review

How a “Life Review” Consoles the Elderly and Counteracts Late Life Depression

Erik Erikson, a psychologist born in Germany who lived from 1902 to 1994, said there are eight stages of human psycho-social development. He later...
Depression and Dementia

Depression and Dementia Go Together Like Horse and Carriage: Signs and Symptoms to Monitor

Scientists know depression and dementia are like a horse and carriage—they often go together. Harvard Medical School warns in its Health Watch newsletter that...
Caregiver Duties

What Are In-Home Caregiver Duties?

In-home caregiver duties for older adults presents numerous benefits, the most significant of which being that the patient can remain in the comfort of...
Managing Caregiver

Managing Caregiver Boredom

Caregiving is mentally and emotionally taxing, especially when the care is coming from a loved one. Family caregivers often put their regular lives on...
Gerontological nursing

Gerontological Nurses Have That Special Touch (and Training)

Most of us working outside of healthcare may not know that nurses can specialize and receive training in caring for seniors. For seniors and...
Light Therapy for Sundowning

Light Therapy for Sundowners

Caring for seniors with dementia might get a little easier with light therapy for sundowners. “Sundowners,” a term often used to describe aggression, agitation, changed...
Planning to age-in-place

Planning to Age-in-Place

If you or a loved one are planning to age-in-place, which means you wish to stay in your own home as you age, the...




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