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Understanding Elderly Depression and … Happiness

Happiness and contentment are important to a quality, purposeful life. What makes people feel happy and content is different for each person and often...
Elderly Depression

Elderly Depression and Other Indicators of Well-Being

For many caregivers, prediction and planning are two of the most powerful tools used to maintain high-quality care for seniors. The Federal Interagency Forum...

Is it Dementia or Depression? Checklists to Tell the Two Apart

As someone ages, things change in the person’s body and mind. He might start to think slower or make mistakes; she may just seem...
Life Review

How a “Life Review” Consoles the Elderly and Counteracts Late Life Depression

Erik Erikson, a psychologist born in Germany who lived from 1902 to 1994, said there are eight stages of human psycho-social development. He later...
Depression and Dementia

Depression and Dementia Go Together Like Horse and Carriage: Signs and Symptoms to Monitor

Scientists know depression and dementia are like a horse and carriage—they often go together. Harvard Medical School warns in its Health Watch newsletter that...
How do older people spend their time?

How Do Older People Spend their Time?

How do older people spend their time?  Have you ever wondered what Mom is doing during the week? Maybe you are beginning to see...
Seniors and Technology Use is a Good Thing

“Wired” Seniors: Why Getting Tech Savvy is a Great Idea

Look at Technology as a Way to Fight Isolation Many seniors experience isolation and, as a result, depression. Their isolation is due to a number...
Nostalgic environment in memory care

Nostalgic Environments Can Soothe Dementia Behavior

One method that has received much attention in the treatment of Alzheimer’s behaviors in recent years is the utilization of nostalgic environments. That is...
Parkinson Treatment

Parkinson’s Disease: Homeopathic Treatment

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive and degenerative nervous system disorder that affects the basal ganglia in the brain. The function of the basal ganglia...
Caregiver Burnout

Avoiding Senior Caregiver Burnout

Aging is an undeniable part of life; so too is providing care in one form or another for your elderly loved ones. The vast...




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