9 Meaningful Gifts for Women over 60

Small wrapped gift
evkaz / Shutterstock

Finding a gift that’s the perfect combination of unique and thoughtful can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Women over 60 have been amassing “stuff” for most of their lives and would probably rather get rid of belongings as opposed to collecting more. That’s why experiences are a great gift for the more mature woman. Clutter-free gifts barely require any shopping, and you don’t have to wrap anything! Your friend, sister, wife, mother, aunt, or grandmother will appreciate these clever gift ideas that are based on their passions, hobbies, and activities.


While tickets to the theater, a musical, an art exhibit, a sports game, a concert can be more expensive than say, tickets to the movies, the memory of the experience is priceless. Buy at least two tickets so they don’t have to attend alone, and offer to go with them if you want.


Groupon offers experiences from hang-gliding to massages. Go crazy and get them a helicopter ride or boat cruise, or something more sensible like a cooking class or golf lessons.


You can get a monthly subscription for just about anything these days. Meal-kit companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron usually offer a discount for first-timers, with the deepest discounts during the holidays. Cratejoy sells subscriptions for everything from tea to books. 

Wine subscription boxes and clubs are perfect for the oenophile in your life. For the makeup addict, Birchbox offers personalizable beauty boxes full of cosmetic samples. A subscription to Billie razors will save them from having to go to the store. It doesn’t even have to be something physical. Get an Amazon Prime subscription or Netflix account for those who are somehow currently living without them.

Gift Cards

If “useful” is the only requirement, then gift cards make a perfect present. Amazon gift cards can buy just about anything, from streaming movies to a new mop. If you know a store, restaurant, or salon that the recipient particularly enjoys, then that’s a no-brainer. Perhaps they love to craft. In that case, get them a Micheal’s gift card, where they get 10% off anyway. Sure, you’re taking the easy way out, but at least they’ll be able to purchase things that they want or need at their own discretion.

Beauty Products

Who doesn’t want to feel more beautiful? Pamper your loved one with a DIY spa kit, like Patchology Down To Mask DIY Spa Kit. Everyone needs sunscreen, and Supergoop!, makes a whole SPF Kit. Too impersonal? Go DIY and make them a gift basket of all your favorite soaps, lotions, bubble bath, facemasks, night cream, face wash, exfoliant, etc. Or better yet, their favorites, if you’re privy to that info.


What woman over 60 couldn’t use some more stationary, a new planner, or a wall calendar? Rifle Paper Co., makes super cute versions of all three. Their floral-patterned insulated wine glasses, Airpod cases, and phone cases also make great gifts. 

The customizable and personalizable Erin Condren LifePlanner is the mother of all planners. Choose from 12 or 18-months, with three weekly layout options (hourly, vertical and horizontal). These planners feature inspirational quotes, sticker sheets, coloring pages, note and dot grid pages, and more! The recipient will think of you when they use it every day.


Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones or Airpods, hands-free assistants like Amazon Echo and Alexa devices or a Google Home, and tablets are fabulous techy gifts for anyone who doesn’t already own one. 

A Plant

Martha Stewart’s Real Simple suggests this Meyer lemon tree from Via Citrus for the green thumb in your life. It can live outside in warm climates or indoors. This way, they’ll have fresh citrus on hand to make lemonade, lemon bars, and lemon curd (include recipes for bonus points). 

For the not so green-thumbs out there, a ponytail palm is low-maintenance and adaptable. It will last longer than some presents and will remind them of you every time they water it. For the chef in your life, a Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden from Uncommon Goods is a cool present.

DNA Test

Learning about your ancestry is super interesting. DNA tests like 23andMe and Ancestry DNA turn spit into a story, and both offer fabulous discounts around the holidays. Not only will the results show approximately where in the world your loved one’s family came from, but they can also offer health insights and link them with people who share their DNA.