Sundowners Information: Be Prepared to Manage the Symptoms

Sundowners comes in afternoon or early evening. Each person and each day is different.

Sundowners information from several articles which our editorial staff has prepared.

Sundowners: The Effects of Food, Light, and Sound

Sundowners refers to how an elderly person who has cognitive impairment or dementia, may start to act confused, angry, or have other disturbing behaviors in the afternoon or early evening – thus “sundowners” syndrome. It may be comforting to know that sundowners syndrome is a well-known phenomenon. Some common causes and triggers, such as changes […]

The Way to a Dementia Patient’s Brain Is Often Through the Heart

Getting inside the brain of a dementia patient may be a somewhat hazardous journey. Because dementia is caused by deterioration of the brain and its functions, the landscape of a dementia sufferer’s brain may be bleak. However, this is the very reason why caregivers may empathize with dementia patients. The person suffering from dementia has […]

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Meltdown at Sundown: Simple Tips for Caregivers to Calm Dementia Sufferers at Dusk

“Never run out of ice cream” is the advice Luciana Cramer of the Alzheimer’s Association gives to caregivers of seniors who go into meltdown at sundown. Could it be so simple? Perhaps. This article provides some basic tips that may mitigate the effects of Sundown Syndrome on dementia sufferers and their caregivers. Sundown Syndrome is […]

Sundown Syndrome: When an Episode Strikes

When acting as the primary caregiver for an aging family member, you may have noticed signs or symptoms of sundown syndrome, when an elderly person with cognitive impairment or dementia gets unreasonably upset as night falls. Let’s explore some things that you may do in order to minimize the severity and/or frequency of sundown syndrome […]

Sundown Syndrome: The Basics

If you are acting as the caregiver for an elderly loved one, you may have run into sundown syndrome. Developing a working understanding of sundown syndrome will prove to be a valuable tool in providing the right level of care for your loved one. What is sundown syndrome? Simply put, sundown syndrome is a condition […]